About Us

The Indian council of research journals impact factor and rating (ICRJIFR) founded by Dr. Amit Jain along with the specialists of ICRJIFR team for the evaluation of Scientific journals in all subjects and paradigms in Higher Education is a name to reckon with. The ICRJIFR has over 20 years of wide experience & excellence in the field of providing the Impact Factor, rating & ranking the journals for evaluation and excellence. Journals indexed in General Impact Factor can use the General Impact Factor logo and the General Impact Factor displayed value on their website.

The Impact Factor provides quantitative and qualitative ranking, evaluating the journals for evaluation and excellence. This factor is used for evaluating the prestige of journals. The evaluation is carried out by considering the factors like peer review originality, scientific quality, technical editing quality, editorial quality and regularity and other factors.

Authors and research scholars normally want to obtain quantitative measures of journals’ quality and to know how different journals compare as related to these measures.

Journal impact:  

The importance of particular academic journals can be measured by the number of times their articles are cited and where they are cited.

 Researcher impact:

The success of particular researchers can be measured by the number of works they publish and the number of times their works are cited.

Institutional impact:

The prestige of a department or area of research within an institution can be measured by the collective impact of its individual researchers compared to those at other institutions.