Director’s Message

Dr. Amit Jain, Director, Indian council of research journals and impact factor rating, ICRJIFR,

Dr. Amit Jain

M.Com, Ph.D., MAT, MSW

Director ICRJIFR


            Dear Visitors, Warm greetings and welcome to ICRJIFR Website

            We are pleased to dedicate India’s first organization registered with Ministry of MSME, Indian Council of Research Journal’s Impact factor & rating (ICRJIFR) for the purpose of showing impact factor, rating, peer review, indexing of research journals for to  publishers research scholar, professors,  social activists Ph.D. applicants & other intellectuals. you will see here the best national and international journals both types online and offline with ISSN Numbers and Impact Factor also. More then 100 expertise and specialist of each subject in higher education will always be ready to your help with lot of experience in the field of research and evaluation. So lets choose the best and becomes a part of ICRJIFR. We will always try to recommend the best for you. Here we are also providing publication department to the printing of your research paper regarding any paradigms. On demand, Our experienced editors will edit your research papers, articles, manuscripts, synopsis, thesis etc.  ICRJIFR  in an unique organization devoted to conducting, supporting and encouraging impact factor, indexing, rating, peer review and evaluation. I invite you to take some time to visit our website and learn more about the latest impact factor, reviews, rating, achievements, discoveries, expertise and events.

               I envision our ICRJIFR as part of a vital strategy to invest in emerging research field that may defy today’s traditional academic classification. Tomorrow challenges demand innovative and unconventional approaches that cross all dissolve the boundaries of classic discipline. Our total work of evaluation and rating is notable for its breadth of scale. Our diversity of expertise is matched by a shared culture of excellence and a common appreciation for multidisciplinary collaboration. We also invite  Ministry of HRD, Department of Higher Education, UGC, AICTE in the respect of our evaluation, impact factor & rating.


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